Saturday, May 4, 2013

Taiwan Tourism Exhibit at Glorietta Mall

Passing by Makati, I was invited by a fellow blogger to take a look around the exhibit about Taiwan Tourism. The first I noticed was the different travel agencies and airlines that arranges packages deals like Global Access Travel & Tours. Formerly called Formosa, is located not far from the North of the Philippines. Better yet, it's still on the same time zone as the Philippines so there are no worries about jet lag.

The event reminds me of a small scale travel expo only that it concentrates on Taiwan alone. Besides the package deals and flight rates, there are some exciting activities that can happen on the whole day of the exhibit.

You can have your picture taken with a quartet dressed up with traditional Taiwanese clothing and helps you wearing a spare traditional clothes. There are also trivial questions and games from the stage area where you can win original Taiwanese sweets.

One of Taiwan's major tourism is their leisure farms. On their booth, they give simple do-it-yourself fun-art activities. There are also schedule performances of Taiwan's cultural talents like a lion dance. This just proves that there are more to see in Taiwan personally than in locally dubbed Taiwanese TV series. It's really time to visit Taiwan.

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